Is there a way to send a 503 Header on specific pages?

Hey @bstrd,

So, I met with our internal team to talk about this today.

‘Status’ isn’t valid within a header. According to the field definitions of a header, ‘status’ isn’t valid. So, that’s a no-go, unfortunately.

As for a 503 via redirect… this will behave a bit like a rewrite. The from page will serve content from the to page.

Hey @Pie,

okay sad about the header - would have made the most sense to be able to set it there…

So… regarding your answer on the redirects… what is now the supposed way to use them? I dont get it …

We can’t go defying the spec! :slight_smile:

And well… this depends. The page won’t change to the to page in the browser. In theory, it should be in maintenance mode. I’m presuming that the ‘blip’ is something on the site side.