Is netlify powered by renewable energy?

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I couldn’t find any info on where is netlify infrastructure hosted and if it’s powered by renewable energy. Did I miss it?

I checked the Green Web Foundation and the status is unknown as well, see:

I’m curious to know more about that as I’m definitely a big fan of netlify :+1:

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Hi Joel,

We do not have any specially configured “green” hosting. Being a multi-cloud service, optimized for efficiency, there are locations we need to have a point of presence where there are no green options available. We do like the planet and have an open feature request to move towards it, but it is quite possible we’ll never get to 100%. Some of our providers are already greener than others (and you get a different provider depending on where you browse from), but most are not specifically green by our decision.

I’ve linked this thread to the open feature request on the topic so we can update it as things develop, but we don’t have any specific timeline for a change, just some hopes and intentions today.


Considering how environmentally devastating most of those “green” energy sources are, I hope that Netlify never gives in to the popular hysteria and converts over.

Thank you @fool for your answer.

@gregraven makes a point that green energy can be devastating but for me I don’t think powering internet from coal can continue any longer either. Or building a data-center in a hot desert because electricity to cool it down is cheap there.

I understand that it’s complicated and that the whole system is far from 100% green energy and I think beginning with transparency will help, or asking for transparency to your providers in this case maybe?

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This is definitely a discussion we’re interested in participating in - in general, we’re excited to be providing a platform/championing a philosophy that reduces the need for servers in a general sense - JAMstack approaches are inherently more energy efficient by design. The greenest way is still just down to cut down on energy used in the first place! I’d love to hear from more people for whom this is a concern - how do you evaluate what architectural choices you make/providers you work with for various services?

I shared some of the thinking and conversation that we’ve been having about this when it came up in our Hashnode Ask Me Anything a little while ago. You can find my answer here in the question/answer page:

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