Introducing: Netlify Analytics!

We are SO EXCITED to finally drop Netlify Analytics! We have known this was coming for $someTime and now we are ready to share it with you! Detailed insights - usage - metrics - information - value.

Share your thoughts below!




I am very happy to JAM without Google Analytics, and even for the opportunity to pay Netlify for their service since I have a portfolio of low-traffic sites that don’t merit Pro plans.

Unfortunately, the flat pricing is a bit steep for that purpose. :frowning:


Looks like a nice service, but it’s too expensive, considering alternatives are free.

I imagine you’d have a lot more take up at 5$ per month.

(this is an issue with Netlify pricing in general - the leap in price between tiers is too large, and there should be a smaller tier for sites with very few visitors - but that’s a post for another day!)


Sounds like a nice service! From its design, it seems, it is not going to work for SPA/PWA applications,
am I right?

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Analytics was the only thing what I really missed in Netlify and didn’t migrate all of my apps from Cloudflare, but $9/month per project for a simple hit counter? I hope free plan will be introduced soon at least just to try around before paying for it.

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Is there a way of marking IP addresses to ignore, or excluding bots?

We have monitoring of our sites that is distorting the results.

Also would be great to have info on paths through the site in the next version please?

(Our take : Nice tool, very limited functionality at the moment, and so a little expensive for the features but happy to pay since we want to contribute to Netlify yet fall below the tiers on other functions - this is a way of showing our appreciation. Suspect others will find the tool more palatable at the $5 mark described in a comment above, but we’re hoping that this is the MVP and there’s more to come)

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It’s great news. However competing against “free” Google analytics with 9 USD per month? I would be happy to pay for better, more private service but this is too much for me now.

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I’m also curious on how this works with SPAs

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I agree. I would like to support Netlify since many of my sites don’t get enough traffic to need to pay for service. But $9 a site is too steep for me at this point.

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Just wanna add more weight tot he fact that this is an awesome move (SPA though?)!

But that pricing will just keep this closed for everyone wanting some nice analytics for the more private projects. I host a bunch of passion projects and personal pages through Netlify because the service is amazing. I would love analytics, even just a visitor count. But 9 per page per month is just not feasible as a private person hosting half a dozen sites non of which make money.

I hope we will see a cheaper alternative, maybe a flat priced all sites you host get basic analytics up to X visitors and with less insights kinda thing.

Hi all! Thanks for the feedback on our new offering! We really appreciate that you spend the time with us to bring up concerns when something feels off to you. I also suspect it might also seem high due to the fact that there are other analytics offerings for free.

That said, here’s my point of view on it: For us, the cost of running a service like this in terms of staff, support, cost of infrastructure, etc isn’t cheap. We are providing a lot of other free services so I can see why sticker shock might exist, but ironically, this is why finding some features we’d like to keep as special offerings do help us support other starter tier offerings that we’d like to keep offering for free. Server-side analytics incur a slightly different cost as well (you’ll note that other server-side analytics tools tend not to be free, either).

I hope that helps clear some things up! Again, thanks for your time in writing us, we appreciate that this offering might not be for everyone. We’re very excited about it, the team has worked very hard in putting it together. Should you have suggestions for features within analytics that we might surface that would make it more valuable to you, we’re open to that as well :slightly_smiling_face: