Inconsistent File transfer with Netlify forms

I have been testing my forms on a website built on GatsbyJS and use Netlify forms for handling form submissions.

While testing a form with a file upload on it , I realised that only the first form submission with a file goes through successfully with a link generated on the netlify dashboard where the uploaded file can be accessed.

every other form submission with a file, submits properly but there is no link for the uploaded file.

Is there something Special to be done here ?

I have attached a screenshot to my form markup.

You’ll want to design your form to post one file per field, rather than putting multiple files in a single field. Note that it is perfectly allowable to have some fields that you specify in your html form that aren’t submitted (in case I submit no CV), but any field you define in the JS MUST also be in the html if you want us to save its contents.

@fool I get the user entered data on this form every time. Only the files go missing .
Is there something wrong with the way I have implemented this form?

Can’t tell without more data. What site is it implemented on, so I can see if we actually found the file input during deploy?

Ok, i have been reaching out to the support team of netlify and they helped me figure out the issue.

There was a problem with the property of the form .
The content type = "multipart/form-data is apparently invalid and the fix for this issue was to remove that property and add : enctype="multipart/form-data"