Improved Breakdowns For Users

Hey all,

I really love the introduction of Netlify Analytics, and signed up - $9 / month is a totally reasonable cost IMO to get rid of that cookie banner. The only issue is, the current breakdowns of traffic are really only a start.

I would need enough granularity to provide at least a little better targeting for native ads. Specifically, I would need a full breakdown of referrals, slice traffic by country and device category, device OS / model / screen resolution, all with daily (or even hourly) resolution. And also some way to register conversions (I can do a GET request for a certain asset that is flagged as a conversion for example).

I mean basically, interview people who use Google Analytics and understand how and why they use it, and rebuild a lot of that in a tool that respects user privacy.

Hopefully y’all can get some of this stuff on the roadmap!

Hey Anthony. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Pretty much everything you listed is on the roadmap. You should start seeing some of these things trickling out over the next few weeks with our next set of releases.

It is worth noting, though - we’re not necessarily trying to do everything that GA does - but we do want to know the things that are specifically valuable to our audience, which for the most part is developers, rather than marketeers or SEO folks, which GA targets.