Images Problem after deployment

Good evening,
I deployed a site ( ) with Netlify after having built it with GatsbyJS. Everything looks good on localhost, but now that the website is online, a problem with some images occurred.

The website should look like this:

But only on some devices (some models of iPhone (like iPhone 11 or XR) and Macbook and only with Safari browser) it appears in this way:

As you can see, the problem is about the arrows images (only those images) that are displayed in a wrong way. Taking the blue arrow as an example, if you go to the source panel, you’ll find this file:
2020-10-18 22.20.13

This is the right image, the one that I have in my repository.

But if you see the website in the wrong way and you go to the source panel, you’ll find this image for the blue arrow:

2020-10-18 22.20.24

It’s like the original one but mirrored, but this doesn’t exist in my repository. I don’t know why this file is generated on certain devices.

I hope I have explained the problem more clearly now and that someone can explain to me what is happening and help me to fix it.
Thank you