Image transformation upscaling

Hi community!

The docs of the Netlify Image Transformation state that “Netlify will never scale an image larger than its original resolution” (see attached screenshot).

However, the example link provided: 1 returns a image that is 2793px wide. If I use the resize query to scale it to 3000px, 2, which gets scaled larger than its original resolution.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug?

Hi, @ulrichformann, and welcome to our Netlify community site. Thank you for the reproduction in the post itself as well!

I’ve asked this question to developers:

  • Is this behavior a defect or is the documentation incorrect?

We’ll post another update here once we have more information.

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Is there any update on this case?

@ulrichformann, I also didn’t get an answer on this myself. I’m asking again and checking with other teammates that might have gotten an answer when I did not.

We’ll have another update soon.

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