Identity widget shows Development settings

How do I get rid of the development settings on the identity widget

Hi @YuriGuernsey, you should only see that when testing locally. If you click “Clear localhost URL” does it go away on reload? Can you give me the URL to the site that you’re seeing this on?

@futuregerald That doesnt work.
My site is at

Hi there, we’re currently looking at this internally, and will loop back here to give an update once we have one! :slight_smile:

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Any news about the issue I am having?

Hey @YuriGuernsey, thanks for the ping on this! I’m working on this issue this afternoon and we’ll hopefully have a resolution by this week! Thanks for your patience!


Hey! Just an update to this, a fix has been merged and the new updated identity-widget is available on npm! Thanks again for notifying us of this issue!

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Thank you for getting back so quickly.
Brilliant, Thank you so much for the help


thanks @divya!! :bowing_man: