Identity-signup Event Triggered Functions

Is there somewhere I could see the structure of objects passed to the function handler for identity-signup event triggered functions? I’m attempting to perform some DB operations on signup so I’m trying to see the name and email of the signup event.


We don’t yet have that documented, but you can add the function and console log the event.body to see the shape of the data sent. I just did this and this is the shape of the data I got for a signup event:

        "event": "signup",
        "instance_id": "259498ed-504c-4288-83fa-2c0573sdf3448",
        "user": {
            "id": "2c05df3448-d931-4288-b29c-5959c461f3d2",
            "aud": "",
            "role": "",
            "email": "",
            "app_metadata": {
                "provider": "email"
            "user_metadata": {
                "full_name": "test"
            "created_at": "2019-06-28T15:24:03.237100001Z",
            "updated_at": "2019-06-28T15:24:03.240856829Z"