Identity not using email templates

Hey gang,

I have some email templates for new users I’d like to use, I’ve pushed them to the root of my git and refer to them as email/invite.html in identity settings, but when I go and add myself I get the default template still. My repo root is my build directory, so I that’s not the issue.

If anyone has had this issue or just knows the solution cause they are at that level of cool then I’d really appreciate any help or ideas.


I’d still bet we are not finding the files; that’s the usual reason for not using them. Good start that you have them deployed - that is one that some people miss :slight_smile: . Mind linking me to your site’s identity page so I can take a look?

@fool apologies for hijacking this thread but have an issue where one email template is being found (the invitation) but the other (password recovery) not (it’s not sending out any email). Both templates are deployed to the same path, and are being referenced correctly in settings. Even tried pointing both paths to the same working template but to no avail.

Is there a special condition for the password recovery email that I’m missing?

Hey, sorry for missing @fool 's response. My issue ended up being that my templates weren’t really deploying to the folder I thought they were in production (forgot to merge a branch). Silly problems on my end.

Oh, I don’t think that’s a hijack @ohwhen ; seems relevant and related to me!

Could you tell me your site ID (from the general settings page) so I can try to investigate? It seems unlikely that @aanunez’s situation is the same as yours, based on your description…

@fool sure, is there a way to message you (the application is not yet ‘live’)

Nobody else can use your site ID unless they are collaborators on your account, so is safe to share here. It’s on your general settings page for the site.

Thanks, it’s 98b336e1-0197-4a0b-9ca5-b59a950cea09

Also currently I have set the recovery back to its default template, but whenever I use the path /emails/recover.html (which is publicly accessible) it won’t sent any recovery emails out.

Thanks for that detail! I can see the file in place and it should work fine. When you try to use it in a test and it fails, could you save a precise timestamp and timezone for the attempt so I can look in our system error logs for you? I don’t really know any easier way to debug it so hopefully there’s an error logged that will guide us, but our logs are huge (1.5TB/day) so I can’t really search around for it easily…