I want to restart hosting after a break

I am trying to restart hosting for my website after a month break but I cannot see any option to restart it.


did you delete your site from netlify?

if yes, you will have to go through the process of linking your git repo to netlify again, there is no way to retrieve a deleted site.

if this is not what you mean, please explain in more detail what happened, and provide us your netlify name as well, thanks.

Thanks for your response. Basically, my subscription was supposed to be renewed on 26 OCT and I cancelled the auto renewal. I have not deleted anything. I want to renew the hosting for www.iqrabakhtiyaar.com
Netlify name: iqrabakhtiyaar

Hi, @Iqra-Bakhtiyaar, that makes sense and we can still renew the domain for another 11 days (until 2019-11-24). There is a 30 day window after a domain expires when we can still recover it.

There is a $14.99 charge to renew the domain for another year (meaning until 2020-10-25). If we proceed, we can renew the domain name and this amount will be charged to the credit card on file for the team which owns this site at Netlify.

Do you approve the $14.99 charge? If so, we can get the domain working again quickly.

Also, once the domain is renewed, we’ll need to transfer the domain to your direct control where is it registered at Name.com. (Netlify is a reseller of domain names - not a registrar. We use Name.com’s APIs to facilitate domain registration via our service.)

The transfer must occur because, if we manually renew the domain, the auto-renewal won’t work via Netlify going forward. So, if you do want to renew after this year (in 2020), that will happen via the Name.com website, not Netlify’s.

Besides the future renewal, nothing else changes with the transfer. The Netlify DNS will continue to work like is always has - just the renewals will go though Name.com directly going forward. (You can disable Netlify DNS after the transfer if you choose to but this isn’t required.)

Do you want us to renew the domain for $14.99 for the next year?

Dear Luke,

Thanks for your response. I was wondering if u can still renew my domain for $14.99 ?

Best regards

Hi, @Iqra-Bakhtiyaar, the domain cannot be renewed at this time. It is currently completely unregistered. You can register it again now if you like (and, please note, so can anyone else).

You can make this registration using Netlify or a third-party registrar. All domains can be used with our service, regardless of where they are registered.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.