I think I need to remove my NETLIFYv6 records

I want to verify my domain with Mailchimp. The domain is mepopreports.com. Mailchimp wants me to add a CNAME, and A record so they can verify my ownership of the domain. The CNAME I have added successfully, but the A record returns an error: “dns_api mepopreports.com - mepopreports.com/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty”

From my research, I think I need to remove some records that only your support team can remove. I am fairly novice when it comes to DNS so let me know if I’m off. I don’t want to change the currently hosted site at all. Everything should be the same from a user’s standpoint. I just need to be able to add an A record.

Thanks in advance

hi there, we flipped a switch that allows you to delete and add new records now :+1:

Thank you!

So I can remove, and have removed the NETLIFYv6 records but I’m still getting the same error when trying to add an A record. Am I missing something?

Hi, @Samuelote, the “v6” in “NETLIFYv6” is a reference to IPv6. The DNS records for IPv6 IP addresses are AAAA records. For IPv4 IP addresses the DNS record type is A.

In other words, if there is a NETLIFY type DNS record for a specific custom domain (like foo.example.com) then you won’t be able to make A or CNAME records for that same custom domain until the NETLIFY record is deleted. The same is true for AAAA records, CNAME records and the NETLIFYv6 record type.

Did you delete the NETLIFY type DNS record which matches the A record you are trying to create?

If so, and it still isn’t working, please let us know exactly what DNS record you are trying to create.

Thanks so much for the quick response.

I apologize for being such a noob here but I’m always paranoid about messing DNS up, since it’s an area I’m not very comfortable with.

I deleted both NETLIFYv6 records associated with my domain: mepopreports.com

Mailchimp is giving me an IP address and saying – “Copy the IP address into the A record for mepopreports.com . If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide.”

I don’t want to delete either of the two remaining NETLIFY records without being sure that’s what I need to do.

Could you clarify this and perhaps point me in the right direction?

It seems that removing those NETLIFYv6 records took my site offline. So now I’m just confused. Can we get this up and running again at the very least? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance guys

Hi, @Samuelote, the apex domain can point to the Netlify CDN or it can point to an IP address you enter but it cannot do both.

If you make an A record for an apex domain (or some subdomain) then those domain names won’t be able to show the site at Netlify because you are sending the internet traffic to servers Netlify doesn’t control.

So, yes, deleting the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records does mean that the custom domain no longer points to our service. If you had a Netlify site at location of the custom domain which were deleted this would stop the traffic from coming to Netlify and take the sites offline.

When you replace those records with the IP address of another system you are now sending all the traffic for that domain name to that new IP address. If that IP address isn’t an IP address for our CDN nodes, we cannot control what is does.

I can help you make DNS record changes but I don’t know why you are making these changes or what the goal is for these changes. If I had those details it might help us to better assist with this issue.

For example, why does Mailchimp want you to make an A record for your apex domain? Would it be possible to link us to the Mailchimp documentation for whatever process or workflow is being performed? What is the exact DNS record that Mailchimp is asking you to make?

Gotcha. Well thanks for being so accommodating.

I guess I’ll try to fill you in the best I can:

Right now, the highest priority is getting the site back online, whatever that takes. I’m way in over my head so I don’t want to start experimenting without explicit direction. lol

Secondly, I would like verify with Mailchimp that I own my domain, which can help prevent outgoing emails from going to spam. I’ll DM you the explicit directions. But for now, this should take a backseat to the site just working at all. :wink:

Thank you so much

Hey @Samuelote,
I just checked your site and see that it’s up with a valid SSL certificate :tada: Did you also manage to get the Mailchimp part set up or could you share those docs?

Hi @jen

Thanks so much for getting to me!
I have to say, I have no idea why it’s working now. I don’t think I did anything. But I’ll take it!

I never did get Mailchimp integrated. I DM’d the docs to Luke but I’ll just post it here I suppose:

Again, thanks for keeping up with me on this. It’s much appreciated.

Hi, @Samuelote. There is more about these records here:

If you delete the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records it means those domain names no longer point to our service. This does take the site offline for those domain names.

The instructions you are being given will take the Netlify site offline for the custom domain. You cannot point the apex domain to Netlify and to Mailchimp at the same time. DNS won’t allow that.

Why does Mailchimp need that A record to be the apex domain? Is it possible to use a subdomain of the apex domain for that A record (as in an A record for mailchimp.mepopreports.com)?

Hi! Jumping in as I just figured this out while going through the same process – “Connecting your Domain” in Mailchimp is to use their website creation and hosting.

If all you want is to send email from your domain, use “Verify Email Domain” instead. The first step there is Mailchimp sends you an email on your domain with a verification code. (If you don’t have email forwarding set up for your domain, either on Netlify or otherwise, search for a reputable MX forwarding service.)

Then you can “Authenticate” your domain to get DKIM enabled by creating two CNAME records with values Mailchimp provides you.

None of this should require you to delete any of Netlify’s records, if you don’t want a Mailchimp hosted website!

Hi, @hansdrdoll, that explains it for me. @Samuelote, do you have questions about this reply above?

The site was taken offline because you stopped pointing the domain to our hosting and pointed it to the Mailchimp hosting instead. I also agree that (unless you are wanting to host your site on Mailchimp) that the “Connecting your Domain” instructions are not the right instructions. It does sound like the “Verify Email Domain" is all that is needed for email hosting.

The “Connecting your Domain” instructions do just that. It connects the domain name to their hosting which would mean that we were no longer hosting your site on that domain name.

Yeah that all makes sense. Thanks all.

I need help with the same.

I wanted to delete NETLIFY and NETFLIFYv6 record for dev [dot] datascience4every1 [dot] com

hey there, we flipped the switch for you. took care of this for you! let us know if it doesn’t work for some reason.