I can't login to netlify. Netlify logo spins around

When I try to log in using my github account, I can’t do it that says Invalid authorization code.
I try to reset password , but I see the Netlify logo spinning around forever.
Would you help me with this problem?

Hi @chinatsu! It seems our spam-fighting robots mistakenly marked your account as spam. I’ve just made a change in our system, so please give it another try and let us know how it goes.

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I was able to login without a problem.
Thank you so much !

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Hi @luke

Just joined but also have this problem after working on a different computer if that helps. Also using Github to log in.

Edit1: I can log in now.

Hi, @chryket, what email address to you use to log into Netlify?

Hi Luke, thanks for the reply. chrykes@gmail.com

Hi @chryket. I am not seeing any issues with your account that would prevent you from logging in. Could you try logging in again in an incognito window without any browser extensions enabled and let me know if it works any better?

Oh I just noticed your edit. All good still?

Hi Laura

I’ve got the spinning logo again. It may have something to do with the african internet slowdown. I am going to explore the CLI options.

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Thanks for sharing that article! I had not heard about this. Hope they get it fixed for you soon!

I checked your account and its still looking good on this end, no issues.

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hi there, i am not able to log into my netlify account through Github. I am now using my another account, but the account i can’t log into has so many important works

btw my account’s email is yclprogrammer@gmail.com

Thanks for letting us know about this. That should be fixed now, @iamgood.

Welcome to our Netlify community site as well.

thank you so much for your help!

I cannot log in with my Gitlab account nor Github. When I press the button of GitLab login it redirects me to a support page.
My account: allende.emmanuel@gmail.com

hey @eallende, looks like you got mistakenly marked as spam. Should be all fixed now!

problem solved! Thanks!

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Hi, I can’t log in with email or GitHub. ETA: Never mind, got it working on a different device. Thanks anyway!

Hi, @arjtesting, thank you for the follow-up to let us know that login is working for you now.

​Please let us know if there are any other questions about this.

I cant login with my github account. It directs me to netlify support page.

My email : theinthtethtetaung99@gmail.com