I can't delete NETLIFY type DNS records

I recently bought a domain via Netlify. I want to host my site somewhere else and for that have to update A record in DNS. When trying this, I got the following error -

dns_api rajeevnaruka.com - rajeevnaruka.com/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty.

I tried deleting NETLIFY type DNS records from my previous deployment via Netlify, but couldn’t and got this message -

Can’t delete existing netlify records keen-rosalind-dee5d8.netlify.app It says: This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.

I read somewhere that only Support guys can remove these DNS records.

Your help will be much appreciated.

I think I saw your tweet about this, @toughyear. Done!

Hi, @toughyear. To clarify, I didn’t delete them. I changed them so you are able to delete them yourself now whenever you want to.

Sorry about the multiple updates, @toughyear. We can also transfer that domain to your direct control if you want to move the DNS service off of Netlify. (That isn’t required but we are happy to assist if you want to do so.)

Hi Luke,

Many thanks for your quick assist. I think I will stick with Netlify for now because of awesome support from you guys. Do you guys have this feature in the future development roadmap? Cheers.

Hey @toughyear,

Unfortunately, no. It’s not on the roadmap to provide en-masse DNS-only solutions for folk. We’re here to host websites and that’s what we wanna do! :slight_smile: