I cannot add a custom domain,

Hi, I have a freenom website. I Have on of 2 options, either I can change the nameservers to netlify, or change the DNS to netlify ones. There in A type record, I cannot do @, It gives me an error called “Wildcard Record not supported”. I have tried changing nameservers pointing to netlify but they dont work for me. Can somebody help?

Hi @DevDaksh. Welcome to our Community!

I want to make sure you have the correct instructions for adding an A record and CNAME record at freenom: [Common Issue] Can I host my site on Netlify but keep my DNS at my domain registrar?

Can you send us a screenshot of the error you are seeing on freenom? I don’t have any domains there myself so I want to see what their domain panel looks like so I can make sure our directions make sense for freenom.

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Thank you @laura for replying. The issue is sorted.