I added netlify dns records, but still my domain is not working after 24 hours

Hi there,

I changed my dns records at my domain register with those given by netlify, but the domain still not working after 24 hours. The domain is konceptflow.com


At least with Godaddy, DNS changes take 24-48 hours.


I see that you added the domain to your account, but you didn’t add it to a Netlify site and it has no DNS records setup on it. Once you add it to a Netlify site, it should create create the proper records to point to that site, and then it will work.

Hi, thanks for your help. I added to a Netlify site. How long it would take the propagation?

Seems like it completed shortly after you wrote in. I can load the site, and our SSL provider saw functional DNS + a site configured for the name about 20 minutes after you posted your last response here.

If you’re still not seeing it, your local network may have some bad settings cached, but I assert that the rest of the internet sees it working well and has for most of the day already :slight_smile: