How to set site image to be displayed with links

How do I link an image to be displayed along side the link to my site?

Essentially I’m trying to change this to something thats applicable with my site.


Hey @louisereid - glad you found us! :slight_smile:

I do want to encourage you go check out our thread on Writing Great Questions for future reference, as I wasn’t quite sure where to start with answering your question - it was very broad and not much information to troubleshoot effectively. :+1:

  • what is your netlify instance name?
  • are you using a static site generator such as hugo or gatsby, or are you creating a simpler html only site?
  • what have you tried already that didn’t work?

Let us know more information and we’ll see what we can do to help. For now I am leaving your post in the Everything Else category, once we have more information, i’ll move it to somewhere more appropriate :slight_smile: