How to remove [Netlify] from subject?

Hey there, @tcope25!

Although a seemingly simple change, it’s not.

There will be customers out there who have automations or a pipeline which relies on the [Netlify] prefix being in the email subject. No doubt about it.

Therefore, our teams must be able to develop a solution which allows for this to be toggled from within the UI with well-tested, non-damaging calls made to our backend to preserve functionality to those who expect it.

Not only this, however, but our docs team must work with the engineering teams to understand the proposed changes and update our customer-facing information.

Furthermore, all of the above must be scheduled in to an already ambitious pipeline along with many other fantastic projects.

Our Support and Community teams would love to see this rolled out tomorrow. Similarly, we appreciate that over a dozen of our customers want (or even need) to see this change to use our Forms feature. However, we must preserve functionality and consider our implementation. Otherwise – for every 1 request we have for this feature – we’ll have 100 angry customers telling us that we’ve broken their workflow.