How to remove [Netlify] from subject?

When I receive an email notification, the email subject has appended to it the string [Netlify]. Is there a way to remove [Netlify]? Example:

[Netlify] my-custom-subject


Hi, @titani. This is a great question and thank you for asking it here in our community. (Also, welcome to our community! :+1: )

There is an open feature request for this and I have added this post/topic as an additional “vote” to the feature request in question. We’ll follow-up here if/when this feature becomes a reality.

For anyone else reading this, please feel free to Heart/like the comment. If you do, we’ll increment the "“vote count” for the feature request (and this will increase the likelihood of the featuring being added).


Thank you @luke, and thank you for your kind welcome.

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