How to leave a team?


My account is currently part of two teams; my own account team and a team I was added to as part of a project in a company I no longer work for.

I’d like to remove myself from this team but can’t find any way to do that. It seems that only admins can remove people from teams, but unfortunately the admin of this team is also no longer in the company and does not have access to the account anymore.

Could you help me leaving that team, please?


Hi @pixelastic, can you tell me which team you want to be removed from?

The other team’s name is a “john-doe’s team” kind of name but I don’t want to share it publicly here without my former team mate consent.

I’d like to stay in my own (Pixelastic) team, but removed from the other. As I’m only part of two teams, you should be able to find it :slight_smile:

Having trouble finding your other team, so I’ll be in touch via email!