How to do a branch deploy when it is a branch containing / (slash)

I want to publish multiple Bitbuket branches simultaneously using branch deploy Netlify feature.
However, there is an issue related to accessing the published feature branch.

Here I added my feature branch

I access my main website using

develop branch with

Now, how can I access feature/blog branch? (as there is a slash in it)
feature/blog– is an invalid url

@khorotyanvahagn, welcome to our community site. The answer is: we convert the branch to a “slug” format.

In this most cases, any character which isn’t valid in a URL it turned into a literal - (a dash or minus symbol). So, for the example above the URL would be:

Note, there is a double dash between the branch “slug” and the site subdomain.

Dear @luke,
I just tried to do as you told me to and it worked. Thank you a lot for the help and for the warm welcome :))

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