How to delete system record dns entry?

Please help I wanted to deploy a frontend site and a web app site and I thought by deploying the web app site as a subdomain would suit my needs. So I tried creating an app branch in my repo and then just deploying that branch. This didnt work, so I ended up creating a new repo (midastouch) and then using a custom domain on that repo, but now the dns records from the deploy branch I created earlier have not been deleted since I deleted and removed that branch from my list of branhces to deploy

  1. Primary Repo’s Domain ->

  2. Deployed branch app ->
    this doesn’t work, which is why I opted to create another repo ( I think I was supposed to wait or something)

So I added a custom domain to my new repo touchapp (
and this custom domain was

and then I went to my first repo (midastouch) to try and add a CNAME value on the DNS settings
I noticed there already exists an which is a system record managed by netlify and I can’t delete it and I know this record was added when I added the deployed branch setting earlier

How can I delete this record?

The DNS records of type “NETLIFY” (also “NETLIFYv6”) a system records and can only be deleted by our support team at this time.

If you are routing the domain name to another Netlify site they actually can be “wrong”, as long at the domain is added custom domain settings:

Just add the domain to the correct site and it will still work.

The system record do prevent creating CNAME, A, or AAAA type records for the same domain name though. If you need to create one of those, just let us know which record to delete and well be happy to do so.