How to delete old deploys


How can I delete old deploys. I have bunch of them. I want to get rid of them. I am manually deploying. So there are only dates of deploys not any message. Old deploys basically means nothing to me. I have git in my system tracking the builds…

I have seen an old post that there were no capability to delete…(I am suprized to read that)

I wonder if there are any change in this capability.


HI, @benibilme, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :slight_smile:

Part of the design of Netlify involves the concept of atomic deploys. Each deploy contains all the information required for the deploy. You can publish previous deploys to roll back to that exact version of the site. Click a button in the UI and the previous version is live.

However, we also don’t automatically invalidate assets when new deploys occur. (We do automatically invalidate any cached content that does change - more about that here.)

If the asset at a specific URL doesn’t change between deploys and a site visitor that already has that asset in the browser cache, they will get a 304 for that asset which is much faster than resending the unchanged file with a 200.

So deploys are atomic but new deploys also don’t automatically invalidate the browser cache unless the assets themselves actually changed between deploys.

I mention this because it is part of the reason that previous deploys cannot be deleted and one reason that this is unlikely to change.

There is a workaround but it can be labor intensive. You can create a new site and the new site will have no deploy history. Again though, this will most often involve a manual process of moving any site settings (custom domains, webhooks, environment variables, etc) from the original site to the new site which is the downside of this workaround. You can even rename the original site (the subdomain) to a different name (example: and then reclaim that original subdomain on the new site.

If there are other questions about this, we are happy to answer.