How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

Thanks for the quick response

Could you please delete “form-1” from my site “”? Thank you!

Hello Netlify Team, I want you to remove “contact_form” from .
Thanks :blush:.

All deleted, @chenningg and @hironorioka28 :broom: :sparkles:

Good afternoon! Can you kindly remove form ‘contact’ from, pretty please? The one named ‘contact-form’ should remain intact. Thanks!

All gone :mage:.

Gwaaarn the Abbots :soccer:!

jen I’ll check it out!

Thanks for your reply!

Can you please remove the following forms from aggressivecarwraps:

form 1


Kindly delete the form named ‘Contact form’ from my website:

P.S.: Any specific reason why this feature doesn’t exist in the dashboard considering it’s being needed by many?

@Natetronn, @hrishikesh,

All gone! :mage: There is a feature request to add this to the UI, never fear! :slight_smile: