How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

Hey Netlify team,

Awesome work. Can you please delete for me form named contact-form? Thanks a lot!

Hi Netlify team,
could you please delete the form next-week from my site hungry-elion-b909e1 be careful as there is another one called Next week which I’d like to keep.

@Ethanmark7 done :sunflower: And do you mean the title in the UI? There is no way to change that, but you can click “Expand all” on the right side to see all the data for each submission.

@suus, also done :hamburger:

@gazjoy, also done :building_construction:

And since this thread is now almost a year old, a note to future readers of this post! To have your form deleted, please tell us:

  • the Netlify URL, not the custom domain, of the site with the forms you’d like deleted
  • the form URL

Many thanks for your help with this :gift_heart:

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Hi Netlify team,

I thought I was having some issues with form names so have a few more than needed (sorry!) so doing a form cleanup, could you possibly remove from 1896gallery (

  • ‘enquiry’
  • ‘contact’
  • ‘newsletter’
  • ‘enquiry-form’
  • ‘newsletter-form’
  • ‘newsletter-signup’
  • ‘contact-form’

Sorry to be a pain and thanks!

Hello, I made a dummy form on netlify for testing. I don’t need it now. Would you please delete that?

Form to be deleted: MbtS_contact_us_form_review

Thank you so much in advance!

All set, y’all (@SaumyaBhatt and @Accudio)! Thanks for sharing exactly the info we needed :muscle:

Hi Netlify Team,

I have 3 forms I would like to delete:

Forms to be deleted: contacta, contacto, contact

Thank you for your help!

@jotafelix Deleted! :broom:

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Hello Team,
Can you delete ‘newsletter’ form from “laughing-mcnulty-202606”?

@blogbudz Deleted that for you!

Hi :raised_back_of_hand: , thanks for all the work you do here, Netlify is awesome! Could you please delete the form called form 1 from unruffled-snyder-fa6cf2. Thanks in advance.

@tiendamicro Deleted that for you too!

Could you please delete ContactUs from Thank you.

@cahill123, @mdreon,

Those forms have been deleted for you :+1:

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Hi! It would be amazing if you could delete these forms:

Thank you for the awesome service and support!


All set! :broom::broom::broom:

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hi can you please remove this forms “report[ ]” and “form1” from

Sure; just removed both of those.

Hi, can you please delete the following forms from cranky-fermi-c43332d:

No worries about the submissions, I’ve got those stored separately. Thanks.

Deleted! Let us know if you need anything else.