How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

Is there an ETA when this function will be added to the dashboard?


Hi @Blackcatz1911 - I wish we had one, but at the moment I don’t. It’s something all of us here involved in support would love to see! We’ll definitely update this thread once we have a timeline.

Hey Laura, im also looking to get dummy forms deleted from my site!


I would only like to keep “test-form-2”, and if possible, have it renamed to “Contact”.

Thanks in advance!

We cannot rename forms; the name is taken from your configuration in your deploy automatically.

Please rename that form (set the name=X parameter in the form definition to the name you want), and then I can remove all forms without that name, once you confirm you’ve renamed it and that I can delete all other forms and their submissions.

I’ve renamed my production form to “Contact Form”. If all other forms could be deleted that would be much appreciated.

Thanks again for your help!

OK, all done. Take care!

Hi, could you please delete “workshop” (all small letters) and “Newsletter” from my website

Hi @nikhilnayak98! Done! :slight_smile:

Can I please have, “test1”, “contact”, “general”, “form 1” deleted from ?

Thanks in regard.

Hi @jonathantoday! Done!

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Hi Netlify!

Any chance you could delete two old forms for me?
‘website-contact’ and ‘web-contact’


Thanks so much,

Sure thing, just got those two removed for you.

Can you please delete another dummy form for me?

Form: contact

Hi @magnus.sundstrom! Welcome to netlify community.

Just got that form deleted for you!

You should really prioritize this in your dev backlog. It’s really inconvenient to have to ask support to make a simple deletion. At least add a warning in the forms section? “WARNING: Do not make demo/mock forms since you can’t delete them”.

Totally agree @magnus.sundstrom!

Hello, could you please delete all of the forms associated with other than “feedback”? Thanks so much!

Hi @scotato! Welcome to netlify community.

We just got those forms deleted for you!

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Hello, would you be able to delete form1 and myForm of the forms associated with Thanks so much!

Hi @oppenberger! I am not seeing that site on Netlify. Can you confirm the spelling please?