How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?


This has been deleted for you!


These have been deleted for you. Just to add… I appreciate this format! We use the long string at the end of this URL as part of the deletion process so this spares us having to look it up. So thanks!

Hi sndrem !

Did you added the hidden form field matching the name of your form ?

<form name="FORMNAME" method="post" data-netlify="true">
        <input type="hidden" name="form-name" value="FORMNAME" />
        .... your fields here

Also if someone can delete my dummy form it will be awesome ! Keep up the good work Netlify and thanks by advance. :v:

Yes, that is being added by Netlify when building the site.

I kinda, seemed to have figured it out now. When I remove the action="/mycustompage" everything works and the form is being submitted, BUT I still get to see the custom page. Not entirely sure why that is happening, and to be honest I don’t like it, as I don’t have control over why that happens…

Hey @sndrem,

If you’d like us to look in to this a bit further, please feel free to create a separate topic providing us with your site name, form and a brief synopsis and we’d be happy to help.


I’ve removed that form for you too!

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@Pie I created a separate post here Netlify recognizes form, but does not capture submissions

Greetings for the day i have a form named form 1 can you please delete that on for me it was just for testing

Managed to find your site and delete the form. Please, in future, make sure you give us the form name/ID/site name :+1:

Hi Netlify support,
Would you mind deleting the following forms from my dashboard because they don’t exist anymore but yet remain in the dashboard:

‘contact’ and ‘form 1’ but please do not remove ‘Contact Form’ as it still exists.
Site is (netlify name is marik-tech)


Hi, could you please delete ‘form 1’ from my website Hcgenservice/hcgenservie_website. Thanks

@pmarik and @Hcgenservice, deleted! :broom::broom:

Can someone remove the form ‘Contact’ from my dashboard on

Thank you!!


All done for you! :broom:

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Hi Netlify support!

please delete the following forms:

  • booking
  • booking-form

from my toolbar for
since they are no longer used.

only do not delete the “contact” form, it’s working…


This exctly the bug I encountered. See Bug : "action" has some remaining trace even after removing it from the form

Clearly a bug.

Deleted both booking and booking-form from this site for you, @Serhii!

@divinerites, we’ll catch up on that post! :+1:

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Could you delete these forms from masksforhunger (hosted at, case sensitive:

These shouldn’t have any submissions.

Thanks in advance!

@lylach, @lfkwtz,

All gone! :broom:

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Hi can you please delete the form “contact” from ?


Consider that form… GONE! Abracadabra. :slight_smile:

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