How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

Hey!I have a lot of dummy test form validations and submissions on my forms subpage. Is there any way to completely delete them? Not just submissions, but validations also. A few fields has been renamed on the same form, but those new fields are not verified. And i’d like to clean up the garbage. Thank you.

Hello @megant, there isn’t a way to delete those dummy form definitions from the site’s dashboard. However, if you provide the name of the site and forms, I can remove them for you.


The forms are still there. This is now a live site and I’m unable to recieve form submissions. Please delete all forms and validations ASAP!
Thank you!


Dennis Padiernos via Netlify Community ezt írta (időpont: 2019. máj. 31., P, 17:54):


I’ve removed all the forms you mentioned in your previous post. That said, these old form definitions shouldn’t prevent your from receiving submissions. That may be a separate issue. I recommend reading through the post about how to debug your form.

Hi Dennis, I have the same issue that @megant has with forms in my dashboard. What info do you need from me to delete the test forms I created and now I want to delete them?

Hi @davidberco, I’ll need the Netlify site name and the form names that need to be deleted. Once I have that, I’ll proceed and let you know when it’s done.

Sweet! thanks! I guess you guys are working on the module to make available for us to delete the form, right?

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yep! we don’t have a timeline yet, but it is on our radar. :muscle: