How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

Hey!I have a lot of dummy test form validations and submissions on my forms subpage. Is there any way to completely delete them? Not just submissions, but validations also. A few fields has been renamed on the same form, but those new fields are not verified. And i’d like to clean up the garbage. Thank you.

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Hello @megant, there isn’t a way to delete those dummy form definitions from the site’s dashboard. However, if you provide the name of the site and forms, I can remove them for you.


The forms are still there. This is now a live site and I’m unable to recieve form submissions. Please delete all forms and validations ASAP!
Thank you!


Dennis Padiernos via Netlify Community ezt írta (időpont: 2019. máj. 31., P, 17:54):


I’ve removed all the forms you mentioned in your previous post. That said, these old form definitions shouldn’t prevent your from receiving submissions. That may be a separate issue. I recommend reading through the post about how to debug your form.

Hi Dennis, I have the same issue that @megant has with forms in my dashboard. What info do you need from me to delete the test forms I created and now I want to delete them?

Netlify team, can you please help me delete a form from my site?

hi fadiwissa, sure thing, just let us know which one.

Hi Perry,

Thanks for your support!
Would you please delete the one without a name? (and only keep the “contact” form).



Hi, @fadiwissa. I sent you a direct message to confirm the form to remove. Please reply if to that message to confirm if that is the correct form to delete.

If it is, I’ll delete it and reply here when the deletion is complete.

Hi! I would like to have the form names I used when testing erased as well. The only one I want to keep is “contact”. Thank you!

We’d need a link to the forms dashboard on the site you want help with, @Flaex , then we’d be happy to do the needful for you. Please make sure you export any content you need from the submissions first as they will be permanently deleted!


I would like also to have a form named ‘contact’ deleted on my account. Could you help me out?


sure, what site is it on? We have approximately eleventy thousand forms named contact across our service :wink:

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No problem, just removed that for for you!

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Very very thank you for your support!
Please forgive my deleting my post because it include my account information just in case.
(I thought I can edit my post, but actually it different.)

Thank you!


Could you kindly remove form 1 on my site corinapatings?


Sure thing, Tom - tis done.

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@jcovert - Done! :slight_smile:

You’re the best @laura - thank you!

Could someone help me remove the old form names from my dashboard? I have been debugging a problem and ended up 4 unused forms in my dashboard.

Thank you for your help!