How to change SOA records?

Hi there,
I decided to host one of my domains with Netlify and had to change my nameservers accordingly. To monitor whether they have been propagated yet, I used an online tool and saw that the RNAME (SOA), which is just my personal email address, can be seen there under “responsible party”.

Where does this come from and is there any way I can change this? I don’t want my personal email address being publicly visible.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Alex,

We’re discussing this with our developers right now. Not sure that it is possible to change but I’ll follow up here once we find out.

Hi fool,
are there any updates on this topic?

Nope. I have pinged our dev team again to try to get an answer and will follow up here as soon as things change in any way :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks. How long does it usually take to get this kind of things answered?

@ac1d, we’re still working on a few details related to this behavior as this was an “interesting” issue. We don’t believe there was any change on the Netlify side regarding the API calls making the DNS zones but clearly the SOA records themselves did begin including an email address when previously they did not.

We haven’t followed up here yet because there are still some loose end. That being said, newly created DNS zones will no longer include the email address in the SOA record.

Because we didn’t make any changes on our side, one of the loose ends is tracking down which DNS zones are affected and which are not.

That being said, if in the meantime you (or anyone else for that matter) needs an SOA record updated, please let us know which domain is affected and we be happy to manually update those SOA records to get them corrected.

@ac1d, I enabled private messages (PMs) for your community user account if you don’t want to send the domain name publicly. If you PM us with the domain or domains, we’ll get them corrected.

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