How To Auto Cancel Previous Deploy?

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When I create new deploy (while the previous deploy still processing), I have to wait until the previous deploy process done, or I have to click cancel previous deploy manually. Is there a way to set auto cancel previous deploy? So, the previous processing deploy will be auto canceled if there’s new deploy (like the image below)?

It would be great if canceled deploy is marked as “canceled”, not as “failed” like current.


It sounds like you are asking for a new incoming build to automatically cancel any running builds. If so, there is no way to do so automatically at this time. Would you like me to enter a feature request for this?

If there are many builds scheduled for a single branch, we will build the first and last - skipping intermediate pending builds. New builds do not cancel running builds however.

Regarding the cancelled builds showing as failing, where are you seeing this? My UI shows “cancelled” not “failed” for manually cancelled builds. I see the screenshot, but I cannot find this in our UI. Can you send us a link to where this appears?


Thanks for reply. The screenshot above is from another provider dashboard as reference. By the way, for cancelled is showing cancelled on my dashboard only, but I can’t see it on my badge that I embedded on readme file. So, I only see the success message after the previous failed, not after the cancelled one.

About skipping, is that skipping build will be count as build minutes? Or only the first and last running (as you mentioned above) that count as build minutes?

I don’t have a comment on the first half of your message, but as far as skipped builds are concerned, the answer is no, skipped builds to not count towards build minutes. See more in this thread:

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Thanks for reference.

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Is it already added as feature request? This would be super useful, for example with netlifycms. Thank you

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