How setup my NameCheap domain in Netlify to work my GSuite email servie?

I bought a domain on NameCheap and i successfully connect with Netlify, and now can i access to my site as suppose.

The problem is: I need connect with my GSuite (Google) account to receive emails of my domain.

I read somethings and i think my problem its when y setting up the new domain on Netlify, because when i write the new domain, the next step its add some DNS if a remind correctly, so i think probably i need to add something on the DNS zone to connect with GSuite

Its correct, my conclusion? If not i appreciate all the help can you provide to me

Yup, you’d need to add records like these if you use our DNS hosting:

You do this on your DNS Zone page in our admin UI (where you’ll see some other records already), rather than a per-site page - if you can’t find it, let us know your domain so we can guide you to it please.