How long does it take for netlify functions to be updated globally? [Functions & CDN]


I’ve had a few customers reach out to me saying that a newly shipped feature is not working correctly.

When I VPN to Australia, and attempt to use my site, I see that the function logs have output corresponding to the previous version of those functions. So they have not been updated to the most recent version. How long does it take for the changes to propagate?

I’ve had a similar issue happen a few months back with a customer in Denmark, but I didn’t think to try and reproduce it by using a VPN. I’m guessing I had the same issue then.


Hmm so my functions in Australia/New Zealand are still running the old code. Singapore has the new code though. I’m not sure how the zones are distributed but maybe there’s just a Netlify CDN bug/outage in the pacific area with AU/NZ?


Just to update here, this issue was somehow resolved, and I never got to the bottom of things.

The answer to “How long does it typically take” is that things go live globally pretty much as soon as the deploy is done.

To make it easier to debug things for the next time, I added this line to all of my functions


Then I changed my build command to be:

sed -i "s/INSERT_COMMIT_REF_VALUE/$COMMIT_REF/g" lambda/*.js && gatsby build

that way the value of $COMMIT_REF at build time gets embedded into my functions.

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thanks for circling back and letting us know your findings, @teakwood!


No problem, my hunch is still that something was wrong with the CDN node that services AU/NZ but I wasn’t in best position to debug. Now I’ll be ready for next time.

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