How frequently does update?

I have been waiting for to update and it hasn’t for quite some time, I wonder if there’s some kind of problem preventing it from updating?

Are you waiting on a PR to be merged in? If so which one?
You’re just waiting on the stats to updated?
I think Netlify uses Zapier internally to trigger builds which should update the numbers periodically.
Paging @erquhart

I updated the name for Nift (from nifty-site-manager) and the PR was merged on the 25th August (see, yet still hasn’t updated, pretty sure the star numbers for all the static site generators haven’t updated in that time.

Hi there, thanks for pointing this out! We’re aware of this, and we’ll get it updated when we can - thanks for your patience :muscle:

No worries, just figured I’d check whether there’s a problem and if anyone had noticed given it’s been so long.