Hosts only index page

i have other pages besides index.html in my website (other pages like contact.html, about.html). when i hosted the website with custom domain it only shows the index page and when i try to navigate to other page it shows error. Does netlify only publishes index page?

Hi navin, no it shouldnt. :thinking:

Are the other html files committed to your git repo and pushed to your repo storage provider (github, bitbucket, etx)?
Does the site build and work locally before you upload?
What are your netlify build settings? Can you post a screenshot?
Do you receive any build errors?

This is a good starting point for debugging builds:

Also, one more question - is your site just html&css or are you building with a SSG such as gatsby, etc?

Actually i directly posted the file without using github or git . This is my first website, it may be that i am doing something wrong and i coded by myself in HTML, CSS and JS. The website includes only these three languages with some pictures and a video file. The website is still up ( If you could help me i would be thankful.

hi navin, i pulled up your site and the various pages you have linked, such as contact, seem to load just fine?

If you are still having problems, please provide some additional information, such as, your netlify name, and tell us more about how you uploaded the site? If you didn’t use git, did you use


Thank you so much for your help i already contacted netlify support team and they have helped me with this and now my website is running just fine. But there is still a small problem. My website form had phone number section but whenever someone messages their name, email and message appears but not their phone number in netlify form. Because of that i have commented out phone number section from my form.

hi navin, glad it works now, please go ahead and read through

and if you still have issues, please go ahead and start a separate thread in


I can’t thank you enough for your help

thank you very much