Hide Server Signature

How can I hide the server signature in HTTP response headers? This is important to me for security reasons.

Hi, @askthings, it isn’t possible to hide that at Netlify. We always include the header below:

server: Netlify

This doesn’t reveal the specific technologies we use but it does identify that we are hosting the site. If you want us to enter a feature request to be able to change or suppress this header, please let us know and we will be happy to do so.

I would like to enter that feature request, thank you!

We’d need to know a little more about your use case to file a good feature request. Can you explain more about what obscuring the server response can buy you in security terms, when people can tell that you use our service through other means in several trivial ways?

I do appreciate that better security serves us all well, but I am certain this feature request will be closed WONTFIX unless we give much more context about why it is needed than “an auditor has a checklist item about not sharing that” :slight_smile: