Help transferring site to new owner

Hi there,

Could you please assist with transferring:

  • lucid-shaw-4c1e8b
  • hardcore-ptolemy-98a3c8

to the following account

The current owner does not need access anymore. They were created on a personal account and we’d like to move them to a business owned account.

Thank you

Hi @twsu! Welcome to netlify community.

We will respond to your request via email, as we need to verify some details prior to transfer. We will be in touch!

Hi @laura. We haven’t received the request for details, could you please re send?

Thank you

Sorry about that! I had to send the email to Jamie since that is the email address who owns the account. If you can’t access that email let us know and we can do this another way.

I assumed that would be the case. I will receive any email sent to Jamie as of today. If you send again I should receive it but the reply will be from a different email address, hopefully that’s ok.

Re-sent! Its fine to reply from a different email address.