Have i bricked/orphaned my Netlify account after migrating my GitHub user to an organization?

I have an existing Netlify account that I was accessing through a GitHub user.

I have just finished migrating that GitHub user to an organization.

As a result, I believe that I might have orphaned/bricked its associated Netlify account.

Is there a way to regain access to that Netlify account?


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Make a new account and just put the site on your git repo. If you had a subscription try contacting Netlify directly

Are you getting errors when logging in to Netlify? What about when accessing the site’s config? What’s the Netlify site you’re asking about and what’s the github user you’re using to login?

Sorry for the late reply. I figured out that, although there was no longer a way to sign in to Netlify via my earlier GitHub account, I was able to use my GitHub email address and “recover” a password. All good!

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