Handling dynamic subdomains


Just wondering whats the best way to handle multiple domains? E.g. My app will allow users to dynamically create any domain they want for their account (e.g. test.kampsite.co). Currently for this to work I have to have add the alias to netlify under the domain alias section. Im just wondering if there is an easier way? E.g. using the _redirects file (although I don’t want to redirect - I want it to still show as test.kampsite.co) OR possibly using the api?

Hello @harryl,

We do have the feature you describe. It is a feature available for sites on the Pro plan (see https://www.netlify.com/pricing#teams ), and our Support team must explicitly enable it for each site you need it on. There are some conditions as well, but that is the starting point. I’ll be happy to go into details if the price point isn’t a deal breaker.

Hey @Dennis , is it he $45 per month plan you are referring to? If so it’s not a deal breaker (not ideal either - is there a cheaper plan that just offers this? .e.g its just me so I don’t need 3 members) though. Currently on the free plan, how many domain aliases do I get? Also what are the conditions? Be good to know them before committing.

@Dennis I’ve purchased the pro plan and transferred my domain, however, I can’t see the option to add wilcard domains (or I have added a wildcard subdomain but it’s not working)

Hi @harryl, The wildcard subdomain feature can only be enabled by Support. I opened a helpdesk ticket for you with additional information. We can continue getting you set up there.