Git notifications on non-pull request commits

I’ve set up all possible notifications, for both commits and pull requests for my site:

On Github side, I can see netlify bot making remarks on pull requests:

but not on normal commits:

Bug or feature? :>

For a moment I thought that maybe the notifications are inhibited when there are no new files being pushed in the deploy. After all, I’m trying to move to Netlify without a user-visible diff. Made a test change that results in deploy files changing, got a confirmation of 52 new files to upload in the deploy log, no visible activity from netlify bot on the commit.

Hi @yacoob,

Thanks for all the info. Those deploy notifications are only for PR commits and not for non-PR commits. Also note that they will only show up for PR’s for branches that we build.


Aha, thanks for the clarification. Guess the wording can be improved a bit; I’ve understood that 2 out of 3 of those apply to all commits, no matter what :>


“Github PR commit status” and “Github PR commit checks” maybe? Just to mark that there has to be a PR outstanding.

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Hi @yacoob - good catch. We’re currently looking at this, and will loop back here if we decide to make a change. thanks for pointing it out :+1:

Using on-prem GitLab, same issue/question. “GitLab commit status” implies all commits, and I’d really like it to work that way so that GitLab commits are easily linked to their Netlify deploy.

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