Get a deploy key for private submodules


I’m following [Common Issue] How do I access private repositories in the build environment?, and I need a GitHub deploy key for my private submodule. Dear support, may I ask you to generate one for me please? :slight_smile:

Site name: awesome-cori-ab629e


Sure thing! Here you go:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC6bMUSltBmJY9W10SFRHh2K4yrLTsY0LdGapY/wJQ38Qsq5EIgzJwfVp7jm6AhrCnTjA++TF/aZSZtsPpYOIz9eMIygWATTyPop6JFDxG+2RpEMVovPbYfMa58vDSops7jRvs5ujZjSD07vFWrr4CjClkaErThpUaHbwk2C1nUrhW7gsC0uxt2tj5jEeV/XOS1BcAZdTe5IHsg6gn2dfU4e2Go5mQ34iGzZWlGeav8kkDkfbbX2a5mJVT4J3tZ7ZQwoiGQwZpvBNWeVvCRhbPOwLlC9x9GXcZBoCr/8Ijwh1n7f+r3Tubxx/B4WhyNLJc/38GjDVmYCDaoKDaS9wdT

Hmm, I’m getting “Key is already in use”. Maybe somebody else added it? :thinking:

Could we try with another one please?

So - that site is linked using our legacy setup - not using the GitHub app. This means YOU are already using the deploy key and there is no way to “undo” that as far as I know. So, to fix, I’d suggest you relink the repo to our service in our UI, here:

(choose edit settings, then select “link to a different repository”, but link to the same one).

This will allow us to clone your code without a deploy key (for the main repo), and make using a deploy key for the secondary (submodule) repo easier. Otherwise, thanks to GitHub’s “security” check on reusing keys, you’ll have to instead create a user that has access to all repos and assign the key there, which may not even be possible for you.

Let me know if you can get the repo re-linked and then I’ll generate a new deploy key for use in the submodule only.

Let me know if you can get the repo re-linked and then I’ll generate a new deploy key for use in the submodule only.

Done! Re-linked the project through the GitHub app.

Looks good to me in the database! Here’s your new key:

ssh-rsa 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

Hi there! Just dropping by to mention that we have now shipped a UI update that allows you to generate a deploy key in the UI and no longer have to get in touch with support to do so in case you need another in the future :tada:

more here: