Gatsby.js, yarn workspaces and caching node_modules

It seems that deployment bot doesn’t cache project’s node_modules.
I use yarn’s workspaces feature with ‘lerna’.
My directories structure is:

        {other package files including src}

Base directory is ‘/’ (root of repo)
Build command is cd packages/modern-agency && gatsby build && cd ../../

Possibly, node_modules of package aren’t cached but root node_modules should be cached, shouldn’t it? If it’s true, yarn install shouldn’t take a lot of time but it did. On local machine yarn install takes less than 10s if only root node_modules exists (node_modules of every packages doesn’t exist) and takes around minute if no any node_modules exists. When it’s building on Netlify yarn install always takes around minute but I expected less than 10s. What did I do wrong?

We do not have full lerna/monorepo support. We will only cache the node_modules that we install automatically before your build command runs, which would not include any not included in the root node_modules file.

You might want to explore using our monorepo support with the base directory set to packages/modern-agency to see if it works better:

But otherwise, yes, we don’t intend to cache those modules with your current configuration; only the ones we find in the /yarn.lock

Thanks a lot.
I’m facing a strange problem. I specify base directory as a root.
I found out yarn installs almost all modules into root node_modules folder.

I did do experiment on my local machine:

  1. I removed all node_modules folders including in all sub packages.
  2. I executed yarn install in the root folder. It took around one minute.
  3. I removed non-root node_modules (as if they weren’t cached).
  4. I executed yarn install in the root folder one more time. It took around 10 second.

So, on my local machine subsequent executing yarn install is much more faster than the first time, but on Netlify’s system it always takes the same time (about one minute).
It seems root node_modules isn’t being cached.

You could try debugging by running locally: , and file a bug if you can understand more or create a reproduction case:

Not sure that it’s a bug, may be intended behavior, but that’s the best place to file those kinds of requests, particularly if you can easily reproduce :slight_smile:

I will try, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey did you get anywhere with this? @DalerAkhmetov