Gatsby Incremental Builds

Hello I am following along with this article on Incremental Builds for my site.

The deploy time is still approximately the same. Went from 4 minutes to 3 minutes and 20 seconds which makes me think I am missing something in my configuration

One thing I am confused about is the netlify.toml file in step 3 I have never heard of the file extension before. Do I need to use it and where should I add it?

I am using the netlify-cache plugin and followed the steps to add using the documentation on Gatsby with no options being passed.

Using this plugin do I still need the add the netlify.toml file and where do I do or add this?

I believe I have everything else set up including upgrading to the latest Gatsby and enabling the netlify beta plugin features in the UI

Thank you and have a wondeful day

Hey @aquasar,

The netlify.toml allows for file-based configuration and you will need to use this file for the build plugin. The netlify.toml file usually sits alongside your package.json :+1:

Happy to help further!

Thank you!
Works now

Excellent news! :running_man: