Friendly request to increase functions timeout πŸ™

Hello wonderful Netlify support heroes! :wave:

Would you please increase the functions timeout in two of our sites? (pp-events and pp-fns)

Thanks for always coming to the rescue!

/ Israel from Passionate People /

Sure! You’ll need to upgrade each of those sites to functions level 1 first though:

Let me know when that’s in place and I can extend to 26 seconds on each site for you!

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Hi @fool I have upgraded pp-fns for now to test if all our use cases and if that’s successful we can move on with the rest of the sites :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply!

/ Israel from Passionate People /

Hi, @passionatepeople. The timeout has been extended to 26 seconds for that site.

Please reply anytime if this should be done for other sites.