Form submission limit?



I’m currently testing out form submissions on my site and it is working correctly as I can see submissions. That being said, I noticed that after I test 3 submissions, the next form submits correctly (everything looks fine in the request) but the form won’t actually be submitted (ie, does not appear under my form submissions - the other 3 are). If I wait a little bit (maybe about 10mins), the form submits fine again, and then repeats (stops sending afterwards).

I am curious if there is a limit per x amount of time for submissions? I’m on Level 0 Forms but I don’t think that could be the reason, right?

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I’m seeing this too.

Form submissions look OK on the client (“Thank you! Your form submission has been received.” modal comes up), but only two submissions actually get submitted. About 10 minutes later I can do another two submissions. Also on Level 0 Forms.


Hey folks! I think this is probably our spam filter kicking in - repeated similar submissions from the same IP will look more and more suspicious. More details on the tech behind that can be found here:

We are working (right now!) on releasing a UI component to show you all submissions including spam and let you update the status of them, but for today, we can do so manually if you link us to your form(s) in our admin UI. Links will be safe to share here since not viewable by those without access to your site :slight_smile:

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