Firefox scrolls back the document to the top for

I am using Firefox and Chrome.
When I browse the documentation in, the document scroll back to the top when I try to scroll down. Some kind of JS? I didn’t notice any error logged in the browser console.
One of the problem URL:

There is no problem with Chrome. It has problem with Firefox for multiple machines. Also, the problem has been a while (since May) when I use Netlify.


Hey @kappa-wingman,

Fascinating! We’re not able to replicate this on Firefox for macOS. What OS (or OS’ plural) are you running and what version of Firefox? Would it be possible to try and grab a .gif or short video of this at all?

Appreciate the report!


I am using Firefox on Windows

The video is in here:


hey there, big thanks for pointing this out. We’re aware of it and trying to get some work done on this to get it fixed. We’ll let you know when its complete!

I have the exact same issue, MacOS with Chrome. It is very annoying and I cannot read the docs to the bottom