Feature requests - what do you already love, what could be better?


In Asset optimization, I think it could be worth adding an extra step for something like PurgeCSS.

It will navigate through html and css files on the “public” folder containing the generated site, remove unused css and then Bundle CSS will make a bundle.css file and it will be minified by Minify CSS step.

I have Hugo projects and it could be super handy for me (and for the bandwidth consumption, of course)

Hey @aladagemre,

Very interesting scenario! This might be tricky to implement flawlessly, given different methods of calling style sheets. It could be called from a JS file, for example.

We’d perhaps have to navigate the entire publish directory and search for any match to a stylesheet which could be quite timely for larger deploys.

This might be achievable with a Build Plugin; I think you could execute it onBuild which would occur before post-processing but after your build command.

Happy to discuss this further and/or get a feature req raised! Would love the input of others on this one :+1:.

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It would be awesome if we could have the ability to organize our serverless functions into directories - similar to Vercel functions and like the question that was asked here: Am I able to organise my functions into folders?.

That would be especially nice for large projects that have a lot of serverless functions.

Thank you!