Feature requests - what do you already love, what could be better?

In the same vein, I would LOVE the ability to pull data from Netlify’s Analytics dashboard via a simple API endpoint. I’ve been itching to provide users with insight into “trending” or “most popular” content on our Gatsby site.

There’s a ton of value-add from this in our particular case… achieving this in a way closely integrated with Netlify would be a dream come true.

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Hey Robert! You can absolutely help us get Rust into our build image. PR’s gladly accepted, here: https://github.com/netlify/build-image . Oh, there already is one for rust (https://github.com/netlify/build-image/pull/320), so I’ll ping our dev team to see if we can get that prioritized.

Our build process is described here for your edification: https://www.netlify.com/blog/2016/10/18/how-our-build-bots-build-sites/

Heya @toddbirchard! Good feature suggestion, but we don’t currently have plans to create API endpoints for analytics. Nonetheless, I’ve added your voice to the open feature request so we can let you (and this thread) know if we do end up shipping it.

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With the new build time limits and billing, it would be great to have a costs / usage breakdown per site instead of per account to be able to charge clients accordingly without having to create new accounts for every client.

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are you thinking along the same lines as @Jinksi here? if yes, we have a feat request already!

(…i guess its time i pruned this thread a bit to make it easier to follow along…)


Yep, sorry! Totally missed that.

Is the a way to set a global Time Zone per account?
For example, to properly understand “Function log”.
I use 24h format, not am/pm.

That log is not currently changeable. It is only for the past 1 hour, so you can guess if it is AM or PM though :slight_smile:

It would be marvelous if you could control Snippets from the netlify.toml file. For me, this would be much more convenient, and it would all editing instead of the current delete-and-replace.

It would be great if the input fields for environment variables would be bigger (or could expand), especially the value fields. We use the Netlify API to create them, but the way we use it in combination with GatsbyJS, we need to create single values that are JSON strings that can become quite long. Editing existing environment values for apps is something we do surprisingly often, and it would be very helpful if the web interface would allow us to do this more easily instead of us having to scroll inside a tiny input field or having to open up a separate text editor to copy paste it to and fro just to be able to see more text at once.

Would like to add my weigh in to DNSSEC please!


It would be awesome if Netlify DNS implemented dynamic ddns functionality. There is something that implements it from the client side: https://github.com/oscartbeaumont/netlify-dynamic-dns but support for RFC 2136 from Netlify would be nice

Cookie based redirect/rewrite

In my static app I’m storing language info on localeStorage. My urls are like this:
/ -> home page with default locale
/ch -> home page with chinese locale

If user visited my app before and set locale to chinese then visits homepage “/” without “/ch” he is redirecing to “/ch” as soon as possible on client side code. Until I read localeStorage then redirect, user sees default locale. Reading locale from cookie and 302 redirect would be better.

My app also redirects visitors to their browser language path if they are at trying to access “/” and if didnt explicitly select another locale. Reading browser locale from window.navigator.language. Instead of doing that i would prefer read “accept-language” header then 302 redirect.

Hmm, if you use a 301 redirect, that should happen automatically, if you use language based redirects:


Does that not work well for you? Shouldn’t require anything on the client side, should never show the wrong content…

Thanks for the suggestion, @zowpowow! Just got a feature request filed for us and will follow up in this thread in case we later implement it.

I don’t anticipate it will ship anytime soon, if at all, so for now the repo you linked shows your best pattern (using the API) to implement it for yourself.

Wow. I was didn’t expect to this is exist. This is makes possible my use case I mentioned above. This is awesome.

So can I redirect to user different path if its language anything else than a certain language. Something like:

// I add a exclamation mark for example.
// Imagine my website language is chinese and I wanna redirect users to english if their language is not chinese.
/  /en  302  Language=!zh

Also I’m ignoring bots (e.g googlebot) in my client side redirect code for let the crawlers index pages on its correspondig language. Is this redirect rules do that for me? I dont want to crawlers to be redirected from / to /en because of its browser language.

Hi there,

I’ve got a number of sites that initially failed to build due to CMS configuration. It was fast and easy to get them up and running but as a result each of these sites just has a small white thumbnail with “not found” in unreadable text in the thumbnail.

Based on this thread, I know that screenshots are only taken initially or not at all. I’m actually confused why “not found” is displayed instead of the placeholder image. Is this a bug?

Otherwise, would it be possible to add a small “take a screenshot” button to the individual site overview dashboard? For situations when screenshots fail to capture or undesirable screenshots are captured, this would provide an easy way to address the problem.


Hi there,

I really like branch deploys and how we can specify https://${branch}--${project}.netlify.com, would it be possible to add support for tag deploys too? It’d be really cool for versioning, like if my tag was v0.0.1 I could access it at https://v0-0-1--${project}.netlify.com. I realized projects like Material UI have a separate mirrored repository to work around this.


Any update about DNSSEC feature?