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Since the certificate is issued just to us based on DNS settings, and we don’t have any intention of supplying you with the necessary secret that our system generated to use the certificate, we don’t have any plans to allow export. You can of course fetch your own certificate from lets encrypt by DNS challenge, even at the same time ours is valid :slight_smile:


You can conditionally set identifiers to help keep your data clean, as demonstrated in this article: https://www.netlify.com/docs/split-testing/#using-netlify-snippet-injection-to-track-split-testing-information .

Not a perfect solution but maybe a useful workaround, to key off of contexts to change config :slight_smile:


I don’t use split testing, can I still use this? And this is in addition to the normal analytics script? Won’t the normal analytics script also set a pageview then?

Also not sure what this Branch syntax does.

The docs could definitely be improved here.


Please add DNSSEC support.

For those who don’t know what DNSSEC is, please read this ICANN article “DNSSEC – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

It’s high time already. So many registrars, DNS management services support DNSSEC. And what’s more, NS1 the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS supports DNSSEC.

DNS verification failed

I’m one of those people. Now, since we don’t have this feature in Netlify yet, how do/can I create netlify.toml identical to the settings set in UI? Is there any easier way beside 1. manually going through each and every UI setting 2. then, look at netlify.toml reference to check whether the said setting can be specified in netlify.toml 3. And then finally make the changes/skip that setting 4. Repeat