Failed login into

I always login using github but was now forced to create (or change) a password. Even after creating a password the logon icon keeps spinning and when I refresh I get access denied.

my email id used on netlify is

I am totally stuck now

Same. I can login to the community forums here no problem, but even then when switching to regular account area i get access denied

I think you got logged in ok, today, @ourmaninindia? If not, this advice will likely be relevant to you, too!

@zenithbryan760: I think this may be related to a bad deploy we had out late last week. Could you try clearing your local storage for and and login afresh? The bad deploy led to some bad login state being saved in a way that might get reused until you do.

Thanks for the update. Much appreciated. Indeed, it started to to work the day after or so. I was quite bewildered at the time as to the cause of the issue.

Regards, Alfred

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