Extend 15min max build time to 30min

hi there, we took care of that for you!

Hey @luke @perry could we get our build time increased too? We’re on a paid plan already.

Site ID: bd34c600-31af-4ae8-9ccd-38070a7d82a5

Hi, @elijahdisch. We’ve increased the build time limit to 30 minutes for that site. :+1:

hi @luke can we get an increase for the site API id - 74e7dea3-ee80-4a26-9131-9dacf81038cb or staging-brex site id - already did for the production but staging is timing out now

Hi, @isaac-martin. The build time limit was increased to 30 minutes for that site.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hi @luke, May I please ask to extend the build time limit to 30 minutes as well?

Hi, @EyalRo. Increased to 30 minutes. :+1:

Hi @luke. Can I please get an increase to 60 mins? Only site with owner justin-2hrm7yu. API ID: 742c19fc-b052-4961-98a6-4a47e65912c2.

We cannot increase to 60 minutes, only thirty, @justin1, and I’ve done so for now.

In general we’d suggest optimizing your build rather than having us just keep adding time. Have you seen these articles to help you do so?

Regardless, let me know if the new 30 minute limit doesn’t help, and I’ll ask our sales team to get in touch with you to talk about other options.

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Hi @Luke @fool We’re straggling because of the same problem. We have added a credit card to the account. Can you please extend build time timeout to 30 mins for the site beta-dostoevsky?

Sure thing, tis done!

Hi @luke, @fool could you please be so kind to extend built time limit to 30 minutes for https://hardcore-nightingale-669bcd.netlify.app/ ?


you are at 30 minutes now, @elco! :smiley:

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Hey is it possible to extend the timeout to 30 minutes for this app (my credit card has been added): elated-mcclintock-1e0f49

Hello @perry, is it possible to extend the build time for the site bsm-client? Thanks

hi there, we took care of this for you! you are at 30mins.

Hey @perry! Would love to get the limit up to 30min for us as well at posthog.netlify.app

Thanks in advance!

HI, @yakko. I’ve extended the build time limit to 30 minutes for posthog. Done! :+1:

Hi there, @luke! We’re currently optimizing our site (confident-leakey-41cf06) further after having made a few improvements but are having trouble finishing the last bit with a 15 minutes build time limit. Could we be increased to 30 minutes to finish our optimizations? Our credit card is on file. Thank you!

hi @amy, you are now at 30 mins! enjoy.

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