Extend 15min max build time to 30min

We need to increase the build time timeout to 30 min for jenzabar

Hi, @bobsingor. The build time limit has been changed to 30 minutes for that site now.

Hi @luke, I also need a timeout increase to 30 mins for https://app.netlify.com/sites/nifty-jackson-1df10c

Hey @luke,
nostalgic-dijkstra-d3f999 would also be very happy about some extra build time.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, @f-kottek, the build time limit for that site has been extended to 30 minutes. :+1: :slight_smile:

Hi @luke, not sure if you saw my message above but keen to get our build time extended to 30 mins on https://app.netlify.com/sites/nifty-jackson-1df10c

hey there, we just upped your build time to 30min as asked, @dotidconsulting!

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Hi @luke, I also need a timeout increase to 30 mins for https://app.netlify.com/sites/badgewell-main

All done for you! :mage:

@Pieparker, how do you change it?

It’s something we can configure backend, when requested :slight_smile: If you re-deploy now, it won’t time out prior to 30 minutes.

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@Pie, Is it for free :smiley:

It is! And it’s been performed for the site you requested. However, you may accrue more build minutes and exceed the limitations of your plan easier – something to consider.

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@Pie Thanks so much it works now

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Hi there, we would like an increase for the app sustainability-landscape as well please!

hey there, we took care of that for you!

Hi, @Pie.
We also need some extra build time for https://commmune.jp.

Hey there, I’ve increased this time limit to 30 minutes for you! :mage:

Thank you! :grinning:

Hi can we extend build time to 30 min on https://prod.a-hjort.dk and all the domains for this account?